Top Social Media Feeds Every Wine Lover Should Follow

Top social media accounts every wine lover should follow - Inspiring Wines

Inspiring Wines choice of Social Media Feeds Every Wine Lover Should Follow:

If you are reading this then can we safely assume you are probably partial to a good bottle of wine? You may even be siping that lovely wine whilst engrossed in your smartphone?

So what are the top social media feeds you should be following? If your favourite phrase is ‘it’s six o’clock somewhere’, you love your tech and you love your wine then read on, this could be the article for you.

At Inspiring Wines we can’t get enough of wine and we love social media too, so we like to be as active as we can, there are so many great feeds, blogs and images to be discovered and loads of interesting accounts to follow, from the sublime to the completely ridiculous. If you are thinking about following people and brands who love their wine as much as you do. Here are some suggestions for you to enhance you social media wine experience.

There are plenty of Twitter and Instagram profiles that can’t go a day without mentioning a new wine or posting a fresh pic. We have chosen some of the best that we like and follow for you to explore for yourself. Join us as we dive headfirst into our best picks:

What should wine lovers follow on social media - Inspiring Wines

Explore The Wine Industry

You might be fascinated by the wine industry, and if that’s the case, we suggest you look at both Tim Atkin(@timatkin) and Laura Rhys (@laurarhysMS) on Twitter. Laura is a Master Sommelier, immersed in the wine culture of London. It will give you a taste of what life is like in the capital city and provides great content for wine lovers and other sommeliers alike. A lot of what Laura posts is retweeted however many of these pieces of content are excellent opportunities for wine lovers in the UK, including chances to attend a master class in wine tasting!

Tim Atkin is an award winning Master of Wine and one of the ‘Three Wine Men’ he is also an excellent wine journalist, wine judge and photographer. We are big fans of his twitter feed, not just for his news and views on wine but also his politics. And whilst we are talking about Tim it’s also well worth following The Three Wine Men (@ThreeWineMen)

A Little Fun And Fancy

On the other end of the spectrum, if you love wine and like scrolling through fun photos, you might want to check out the ‘Back That Glass Up’ on Instagram. The name of this profile should give you a clue about what to expect, but you will certainly find tongue firmly in cheek here. The name of the brand is a pun in itself. Here you’ll find great fun images to share and enjoy, from discovering what Pokemon goes well with which wine to gazing at the periodic table for wine lovers.

If you love what you find here, you’ll be pleased to discover that the profile is linked to a website where you can purchase plenty of cool merchandise. The humour on this Instagram feed is a little dry however we find that it’s the perfect savoury treat to enjoy while you’re sampling a fine glass of your favourite bottle.

Social media accounts to follow - Inspiring Wines

Advice From The Expert

If you’re looking for expert opinions on wine, you might want to check out @joefattorini. Joe is a well-known wine savant, who you might just recognise from his aptly titled programme, ‘The Wine Show’. As one of the leading wine tasters in the UK and apparently the writer behind the most complained about article from Decanter magazine, you can certainly expect some interesting insights and fun posts from him. Referring to himself “Obi Wine Kenobi”, Joe recently reflected that he tried 17 wines in one mid-week evening tasting session so you know you’ll be in fine company here.

The wine lover also regularly recommends his favourite bottles for you to try so you can sample what he’s been tasting. As well as this twitter profile, we also suggest you take a look at @WineShowTV. As the main Twitter profile for Joe’s show, you’ll certainly find some great advice and tips here. TV might be considered ‘old media’ now but it’s also worth checking out ‘The Wine Show’ on Channel 5, Fridays at 7pm. A little over stylized in our opinion, there really is no need to base two overpaid ‘resting’ actors in a Chateau in the South of France but even so there are some interesting pieces included in the programme and it all looks really nice! It always makes me want to open a bottle of something on a Friday evening.

A Little Naughty Pleasure

If you’re looking for a cheeky Twitter profile to follow to fuel your love of wine, we strongly suggest you check out @winewankers. Self-professed as the ‘loudest winos on social media’ we have no idea who runs this one, but they are a great deal of fun. One of the best things about this Twitter profile is that it regularly offers some fantastic accessories and items that are perfect for wine lovers.

One of their posts showed off a very cool glass and mug holder with a caption about how to tell the time based on what you’re drinking. It’s another fun social media profile for wine lovers that is hard to resist.
One quick tip though, if your twitter profile send notifications to your work email be careful when you get anything sent that includes The Wine Wankers!

shibasommelier on instagram - suggestions from Inspiring Wines

Too Cute

Fitting firmly into the group ‘odd but irresistible’ we have to draw your attention to the ‘shibasommelier’ on Instagram. This Instagram feed has pictures of a Shiba dog with bottles of wine. Yep that’s it! It’s quirky, it’s adorable and once you start scrolling, especially if you are a dog lover, it will be a good few hours before you get bored of saying ‘awww!’

Nothing Better Than Bordeaux?

Finally, if you love nothing more than a good Claret, we suggest you check out the official Instagram of the Bordeaux Wine Council, @Bordeuxwines. Here you’ll find stunning, stylish pictures of these wines that will definitely make you want to go out and buy a bottle. Mixed in you’ll also discover interesting facts and fun posts that make this profile utterly addictive.

This is just a few suggestions for you, there is lots more great stuff to be found all over social media, happy swiping!

Written by Dean Spencer – Director – Inspiring Wines

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