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Champagne – Is France’s finest still the undisputed champion of the world?

Closeup Champagne bubbles at Inspiring Wines

Does Champagne remain Queen of the business we call fizz? Champagne has the history, the sophistication, the famous houses, the weight of years of lavish marketing behind it, no doubting that. But in these austere, less ostentatious times in which we live, are there new pretenders to the crown? We ask, is France’s Old Lady […]

Biodynamic Wine – What is that all about?

Red Biodynamic Grapes harvested and waiting to be crushed

Biodynamic Wine – What is that all about? Proper science or new age guff!? Have you come across biodynamic wine yet? Have you tried it? You may already be a fully-fledged ‘biodynamophile’  (I may have just made that word up..) but if you are yet to be enlightened, then it is very likely you will […]

How to Blag Your Way Through a Wine Tasting – Our Top 5 Tips

Red wine glasses lined up ready to taste

The Inspiring Wines Guide How to blag your way through a wine tasting! Have you ever been to a wine tasting? Ever wanted to go but have always shied away on the grounds you think you’d be out of your depth? Well fear not, here are our Top 5 ‘inspiring’ tips to ensure you can […]

Mont Ventoux – Legend of ‘Le Tour’ – The Giant of Provence

A view up to the summit of Mont Ventoux

I was reading an article on the most famous cycle race in the world, the Tour de France, it’s history and specifically it’s toughest stages last week and having recently added a cracking new, absolute bargain of a Rhône red to the Inspiring Wines list, ‘Domaine Bresquières ‘Les Contreforts’ – Ventoux’ (@ £4.99) as the name suggests from […]

So You Think You Know Your Wine?

Know your Wine? LAWS Wine School WSET Level 2 Award in wines and spirits

Mind Your Bacchus!  – A wine bluffers odyssey… No. 1 – Derek needs to go on a course! You think you know your wine? Derek Wootton our marketing man did until he attended the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits and discovered that he`d merely been scratching the […]

How much should I pay for a ‘good’ bottle of wine?

Old wine stored on a cellar shelf

How much should I pay for a good bottle of wine? At Inspiring Wines we are all about delivering great wines at great prices, we’re always on the look out for new and exciting wines and winemakers, that is what we do. We have a wide range of wines from £5 to £55, but what […]

South American wines and why you should be drinking them

Chile - wine route - South American Wines at Inspiring Wines

Have you tried South American wine yet? There’s no doubt about it that South American wines are becoming more and more popular every year. If you’ve not explored some of the fantastic wines that countries like Argentina and Chile produce then you are missing out on some seriously good wine. But where do you start […]

5 ‘Inspiring’ reasons you need to try English Sparkling Wine

Grapes for English Sparkling Wine - View of a Kent vineyard through a summer hedgerow

Kent vineyard through a hedgerow So what is all the fuss about, English wine can’t be any good can it? Well yes! It really can…Did you know for example, English wines collected an amazing 120 medals at last year’s, highly acclaimed International Wine Challenge. Many people are aware sparkling wines and still wines are being […]

Great wines for Easter. And our fantastic free delivery offers

Inspiring Wines Free delivery banner

Easter is almost upon us, only a few weeks until that lovely 4 day weekend so if you are planning a celebration or family gathering and you are not sure what wine to be looking out for then here is the Inspiring Wines guide to the best wines this Easter. And, once you have made […]

New wines from The Magpie Estate now at Inspiring Wines

The Magpie Estate - New Wines at Inspiring Wines

We are extremely chuffed at Inspiring Wines this week as we have new wines on our list from the Australian maverick producers The Magpie Estate. And both are absolute crackers! Rag & Bone Riesling First up is their Rag & Bone Riesling, a fabulous wine from the Eden Valley with it’s rocky, sandy soils, give this […]