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Vegan wine – There is some good news and some bad news!

Vegan wine - is all wine vegan?

So you’ve decided to go vegan, surely you can still enjoy a glass of lovely wine whilst munching on your carrot stick? The Vegans are coming! Despite sounding a little like something from and early Star Trek script that never made it past the first reading stage, veganism is not a new concept. In fact, […]

Top 5 Festive Tipples – Inspiring Wines Favourite Christmas Drinks

Have a Corking Christmas - festive tipple from Inspiring Wines

Naturally our very top choice of festive tipple would be wine, that’s a given. Obvs! However, there is always room for something a bit different during the festive season. We decided to have a bit of a straw poll at Inspiring Wines Towers this week and come up with our list of our very favourite […]

We need to talk about….Wine!

Christmas wines selection available at Inspiring Wines

“Oh yes we do”…..In true panto style! I now have to mention the ‘C’ word!  There really is no getting away from it, unless of course you are actually ‘getting away from it’… to the sun drenched beaches of Peurto Vallarta or some other such glorious destination. For us mere mortals, Christmas is but days […]

Tinder for your dinner! – How to find it the perfect match

Juicy Steak with red wine - perfect match - Inspiring Wines

Pairing wine with food is a minefield for some, finding the perfect match is one of those somewhat pithy topics on which opinion can be very often divided and many people are simply baffled by. If ‘white with fish’ and ‘red with meat’ is about as good as it gets for you then here are […]

Is Rioja Really the Only Game in Town When it Comes to Spanish Wine?

Spanish wine in Porrons - Is Rioja still the best of Spain - Inspiring Wines

At Inspiring Wines we don’t think so! When people talk about Spanish wines the conversation almost always moves very quickly towards Rioja; dark, brooding, dusty bottles, some kind of bull on the label and that gold wire wrapped around a traditional Rioja bottle. The wire incidentally was designed as a historic security measure for high […]

How to Taste Wine – Use these 4 basic steps to start tasting like a pro

Tasting Wine - The Inspiring Wines simple guide to tasting like a pro

How to Taste Wine – 4 Simple Steps There is a lot written about tasting wine properly, probably far too much, (and I say that as I am about to write a piece about how to taste wine…) there is a wealth of information available on this here ‘interweb’ but in reality if you are […]

Champagne – Is France’s finest still the undisputed champion of the world?

Closeup Champagne bubbles at Inspiring Wines

Does Champagne remain Queen of the business we call fizz? Champagne has the history, the sophistication, the famous houses, the weight of years of lavish marketing behind it, no doubting that. But in these austere, less ostentatious times in which we live, are there new pretenders to the crown? We ask, is France’s Old Lady […]

Biodynamic Wine – What is that all about?

Red Biodynamic Grapes harvested and waiting to be crushed

Biodynamic Wine – What is that all about? Proper science or new age guff!? Have you come across biodynamic wine yet? Have you tried it? You may already be a fully-fledged ‘biodynamophile’  (I may have just made that word up..) but if you are yet to be enlightened, then it is very likely you will […]

How to Blag Your Way Through a Wine Tasting – Our Top 5 Tips

Red wine glasses lined up ready to taste

The Inspiring Wines Guide How to blag your way through a wine tasting! Have you ever been to a wine tasting? Ever wanted to go but have always shied away on the grounds you think you’d be out of your depth? Well fear not, here are our Top 5 ‘inspiring’ tips to ensure you can […]

Mont Ventoux – Legend of ‘Le Tour’ – The Giant of Provence

A view up to the summit of Mont Ventoux

I was reading an article on the most famous cycle race in the world, the Tour de France, it’s history and specifically it’s toughest stages last week and having recently added a cracking new, absolute bargain of a Rhône red to the Inspiring Wines list, ‘Domaine Bresquières ‘Les Contreforts’ – Ventoux’ (@ £4.99) as the name suggests from […]