Savoir-Faire d’Autrefois Mourvèdre, Pays d’Oc


Savoir-faire – the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations.

This is probably best described as the Stephen Fry of wines, urbane, witty and knows how to behave in every situation.

The official ‘one-liner’ for this little beauty is “Intriguing, appealing, supple and wild”, which does sound like a weekend you’d want to remember… But any-hoo, we love this one here in the Inspiring Wines office, it oozes luxury and decadence and knows how to carry itself, it’s a wine that would never wear white socks anywhere but a tennis court. Lovely bottle too…

It has an intriguing nose of tobacco, cloves and leather is followed by a luxuriant yet sleek and supple palate. Dark cherries and chocolate are interwoven with fine French oak and supported by firm tannins.

If you like your reds big, bold and a bit of a player, then this is most definitely for you.


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